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Welcome to the official  Contain-A-Pet Underground Pet Fencing page!
Contain-A-Pet opened its doors in October of 1995.  It was founded by true dog professionals and dog fence dealers who believed electric dog fence done correctly was more than just shocking a dog to keep it in its yard.

The same principles that started our company in 1995 continue to thrive today.  Contain-A-Pet offers a set of benefits to its pet owners that no other company offers.  They are:

  1. All new Contain-A-Pet Dealers must be dog professionals or willing to become a dog professional.
  2. Contain-A-Pet Dealers offer a one year money back containment guarantee in all but the most extreme situations.
  3. Contain-A-Pet offers a limited lifetime warranty on the electronic equipment.
  4. Contain-A-Pet is manufactured here in the USA.

If you have a need to contain your pet safely, talk to one of our Dealers.  There are no high pressure sales tactics.  We want to earn your trust as we believe a true dog professional goes much farther than just being an electric dog fence vendor.

Feel free to call if you need any of my services:

Our national Contain-A-Pet number is 1-800-777-3647.

Thank you and welcome!

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